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Job advertisement for 2020

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Special exhibit

There is an exhibit on ``Seeing Science" starting September 20 in the special exhibit part of the Science center. See also this Harvard Magazine article.

Course Catalog

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Math Seminars

Math Seminars website.

Open Neighborhood Seminar

The last Open Neighborhood Seminar this semester will take place next Wednesday, November 18th, 2020. Fabian Gundlach talks about ``Pick's theorem and beyond" Abstract: We will discuss the problem of counting integer lattice points in polygons and higher-dimensional polytopes. Guests will include Stokes' theorem and L'Hôpital's rule. In the process, we will perform an act of questionable legality on an infinite scale.

Fall 2020 tutorials

Tutorials of fall:
  • Fourier Analysis in Number Fields by Daniel Li
  • Loop spaces by Dexter Chua
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Putnam 2019 Results

Please join to congratulate the Harvard's team for finishing second place in this year's Putnam competition. Harvard ranked second among the 570 participating institutions and Laura Pierson was named an Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize Winner, an award honoring the top-performing woman in the competition. As the second-place team, Harvard receives an award of ,000 and each member of the team receives . Laura Pierson will also receive ,000 for her performance. See the putnam page. Results

The news and events page shows older announcements ...

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