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Job advertisement for 2020

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Special exhibit

There is an exhibit on ``Seeing Science" starting September 20 in the special exhibit part of the Science center. See also this Harvard Magazine article.

Course Catalog

Courses can be searched on the Course catalog. The local course page contains also the Masthead for Fall 2019/2020. A fetched PDF of the catalog can be seen also rendered on the local course page.

Information about upper level course assistants is as usual on the upperlevel CA page. There is already an Upperlevel CA lineup for the Spring of 2020.


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Math Seminars

Math Seminars
Latest Math event:
04/29/2020 Though the Ultrafilter: Dictators and God, by Lucy Wang. More ... mathtable talk
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Summer 2020 Tutorials

Summer Tutorials 2020 :
Check out the descriptions on the Summer tutorial page. The sign-up deadline for the Summer tutorials 2020 is May 12, 2020. See the

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Undergraduate Prizes and Awards

Please congratulate the recipients of the Department's undergraduate prizes and awards:
  • David Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize: from the income of the gift in 1997 of Peter L. Falb, A.B. 1957, A.M. 1957, Ph.D. 1961 to establish the David B. Mumford Undergraduate Mathematics Prize, to be given annually to the most promising senior concentrator in mathematics, provided such concentrator is outstanding. The Mumford Prize will be shared by Peter Chen Vaughan McDonald and Filippos Sytilidis
  • Herb Alexander Award: from the gift of Susan Alexander, the Herb Alexander Award recognizes each year one of our outstanding undergraduates, and provides money to be used for research and travel. The Herb Alexander Award is given this year to Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj
  • Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes: From the income of the gift in 1921 of the late Robert Fletcher Rogers, A.B. 1886, there have been established a first prize and second prize to be awarded annually to the College students who present the best talks before the Mathematics Table during an academic year. The Robert Fletcher Rogers Prizes are given this year to First place: Kim Nguyen Second place will be shared by Savvy Raghuvanshi and Lucy Wang
  • Friends Prize: Each year, two of our senior thesis writers are selected to present talks on their theses to the Friends of the Harvard Math department. The Friends prizes are given this year to Anne Carlstein and Emily Jian (runner up)
  • Hoopes Prize Three of our graduating seniors have been nominated for a Hoopes' Prizes for their theses this year: Anne Carlstein, Zihong Chen, Emily Jia

Faculty news

It is with great sadness that we have to announce that Jameel Al-Aidroos passed away on March 18, 2020. Jameel had been a senior preceptor at the Harvard Math department.

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Putnam 2019 Results

Please join to congratulate the Harvard's team for finishing second place in this year's Putnam competition. Harvard ranked second among the 570 participating institutions and Laura Pierson was named an Elizabeth Lowell Putnam Prize Winner, an award honoring the top-performing woman in the competition. As the second-place team, Harvard receives an award of ,000 and each member of the team receives . Laura Pierson will also receive ,000 for her performance. See the putnam page. Results

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Alice T. Schafer prizes

Natlia Pacheco-Tallaj
Congratulations to Natalia Pacheco-Tallaj, Harvard Undergraduate, who was recently awarded the Alice T. Schafer Prize for best woman undergraduate The prize was awarded at the AMS meeting in January. Congratulations!

Goss Prize 2019

Congratulations to Alex Smith (a graduate student of the mathematics department) for winning the first David Goss prize in mathematics.

CDM 2019

Youtube videos of the CDM 2019 conference are here.

Talks on Youtube

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