This is a large and rather complicated tex package which I received last year from a friend who graduated in 2000 (a number theorist, so right now all the files are slightly geared towards number theorists).  It contains a total of five files which can be compiled together with.  I haven't actually used these myself, but I received instructions on how to use them and I think that they're pretty clear.

Here are the files:

The file 2000pdocs.tex contains the information about schools. It is a few years old needs to be updated. The file 2000jobs.tex is a long complete list of all the jobs from that year from division I,II and III schools.

The file duper.tex is the "main file" -- meaning if you compile that now in TeX it should output something like 60 letters addressed to schools in varying forms depending on the school. Included in duper.tex is the opening you need in your letter -- like "To the Hiring Committee".  Also, included for each school is a list of the number theorists from last year. This should be updated.

The file formletter.tex contains a template of a letter that has as variables the opening and places to plug in particular mathematicians names.  It now has something like 6 different templates for whether or not the school is interested in teaching or whether or not it has number theorists. Which school gets which letter is all encoded in duper.tex. This letter of course needs to be changed to talk about you and your thesis.

The file labels.tex is great! It should compile now and have several pages of labels for envelopes along with several pages of labels of my address (for the return address of the labels). The best way to do the labels is to print them on regular paper and then to go photocopy them on label sheets. To change the return address, find the reference to /me in 2000pdocs and change that to your info.

Okay -- so a checklist of things to be done in the whole job application process.

  1. Make a list of the schools you want to apply to. (Use 2000jobs and 2000pdocs as a guide)
  2. Check on for the job listing of each of these schools and update the information in 2000pdocs or 2000jobs compiled in a new file say 2001pdocs. Also, find which schools have required online forms and which schools have extra forms available from the web to be printed
  3. Look up the in each department who are in your field by looking at their websites or some more clever way to check to see if the people listed in duper are still there (plus any new math people that graduated recently that you know
  4. Fix the formletter file to fit your needs. Mine is really a mess
  5. Write a CV.
  6. Write your research statement. Since the argument in my thesis so self contained my research statement contained a sketch of a proof of my main result. Your result I think would be much more difficult to rxplain in a couple of pages. Probably following a format of three parts: background, your result and future work is pretty sound. For future work, I would say to make a few high brow comments, but keep the rest down to earth and reasonable. A few specific small ideas are probably much better than a large vague one. Also, ask around for old research statements to compare with. I included mine as an attachment to this letter.
  7. Write your teaching statement.
  8. Fill out online forms. Print and fill out extra forms.
  9. Compile and print duper.
  10. Compile and print label. (remember to change /me info) Photocopy onto label sheet.
  11. Stuff and label envelopes.
Just 11 easy steps!