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Dori Bejleri: Moduli spaces and their compactifications Open Neighborhood seminar Wednesday, March. 4th at 4:30 PM in SC507. Snacks to follow in the Common Room. Our speaker is Dori Bejleri
The next open neighborhood seminar of March 4th is given by Dori Bejleri. The title is Moduli spaces and their compactifications.
Abstract: Moduli spaces are geometric spaces whose points parametrize geometric shapes of various flavors. The geometry of the moduli space reflects how the shapes of interest can be continuously deformed. In this talk, I want to give an introduction to the notion of moduli spaces via the moduli space of triangles. The classical congruence theorems and laws of trigonometry we learn in grade school describe the geometry of this moduli space. I will then explain how analogous ideas are used to understand moduli spaces of elliptic curves, configurations of points on the Riemann sphere, and other objects in complex and algebraic geometry.
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