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Posted by Daniel Goroff on January 14, 19100 at 02:24:05:

If you did not pick up your midterm from me on Thursday in class, it is now in the 101 boxes labeled Allen or Karpinski just outside of Room 325 in the Science Center. The CA's will also return all the homework there by Friday. The group projects may not all be there yet, but these are not important for studying for the final the way going over your homework and exams is. If you do have questions, you can always get in touch by e-mail, by the discussion page, by phone, etc. Happy studying!

Note: As discussed in class, what was written in the syllabus about grading holds except that, since we actually had fewer homework assignments than planned, the total points you could accumulate during the term is 290 instead of 330, and so the target will be adjusted similarly from 360 to 320. In other words, the final counts for the difference between 320 and your term total.

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