Harvard University, fas
Summer 2005

Mathematics S101  Summer 2005

Spaces, Mappings, and Mathematical Reasoning: An Introduction to Proof

Teachers: Danny Goroff  
and Andy Engelward
Harvard Math Department
Offices:  SC 435 and 427


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Wecome to Math S101 - An Introduction to rigorous math, through reading and writing proofs! 

This course was created for students who are interested in math beyond calculus, and for those who wonder what it means to "do" mathematics.  The main goal will be to develop your mathematical abilities and experience in regards to working with mathematical proofs and understanding what it means to do rigourous math. 

During the semester we will use this website as an administrative resource for the course - posting assignments, handouts, times and locations of problem sessions, etc.

When accessing files from this website, if you need to read PDF files, you can download the Adobe Acrobat Reader for free. 

URL:  http://www.math.harvard.edu/~engelwar/Math101
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