To:  Entire Course (Officially Enrolled Students Only), Teaching Staff  
From:  Daniel Goroff  
Subject:  math 116 announcements  

Dear Math 116,

For your information, here are the same announcements made in class and also on Assignment VIII as handed out and posted on our website:

No lecture this Thursday, May 5. Anyone who wants to come to the usual place and time can work on going over course material with one another and with the course assistants.

Wrap-up and review lectures will be held next week on May 10 and 12 as usual. As always, I am available to answer questions after class, by e-mail, or by appointment. I will especially be around to help next week.

Assignment VIII is due on May 12 in class. Some similar or identical problems may appear on the final.

Projects will be accepted until May 19. The earlier those projects are handed in to my box outside SC325, the easier it will be to have them returned before the final.

The final exam is scheduled for May 23 at 2:00.