Math 1a - Fall 1999

Sections, Office Hours, and Problem Sessions

Class Section Leader Office Office hrs. Course Assistant
(problem session)
MWF 10 Bing Cheng SC421d   Manoj Viswanathan
(T 8:30-10pm, SC411)
MWF 10 Robert Winters SC435 MWF 12-1
and by appt.
Sahir Islam
(Th 6-7:30pm, SC310)
MWF11 Bing Cheng SC421d   Eiichi Miyasaka
(Th 1-2pm, SC116)
MWF 12 Laura Demarco SC321d   Brian Shaffer
(Th 7-8:30pm, SC116)
TTh 10 Lisa Carbone SC525   Karen Acquista
(T 9-10:30pm, SC507)
Rodolfo Perez
(Sun 8:30-10pm, SC110)
TTh 11:30 Lisa Carbone SC525   Peter Hamel
(M 9-10:30pm, SC304)
TTh 11:30 Grisha Mihalkin     Jacob Honoroff
(T 6-7:30pm, SC310)
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Last modified:  Monday, October 25, 1999