Harvard University,FAS
Fall 2001

Mathematics 1b
Fall 2001

Calculus, Series
and differential equations

Course Head: Robin Gottlieb

Office: SciCtr 429
Email: gottlieb@math

Head CA: Jonathan Yang
Email: jyang@fas
Math1b applied: a Biological system
Previous Course Announcements

10/22/01 - Tanner Fahl's Problem Session:
Tanner Fahl's 10/17/01 and 10/24/01 problem sessions will not meet at their regular times. The session on the 17th was replaced with a review session earlier in the week for the first exam. The session on the 24th is rescheduled for Monday, October 22 (tonight), at 7:30pm to 8:30pm and will begin at the Science Center Greenhouse (it may move to a room during the hour if an open classroom is found).
10/09/01 - Richard Rivero's Probl em Sessions:
This week and next week (10/09/01 and 10/16/01), Richard Rivero's problem sessions wil l be held from 4:00 to 5:00pm in Science Center 103B. Subsequent problem session will retu rn to the originally posted time and location.
9/25/01 - Problem Sessions:
Problem Sessions are now posted on the web. Remember that you are welcome (in fact, you are encouraged) to attend a different problem session if you are unable to attend the one held by your Course Assistant.
9/25/01 - Integral Test Proof:
For those of you interested in the proof of the Integral Test, here it is:
     Page 1 Page 2.
9/25/01 - Homework:
The homework page has been revamped to make it easier for students to view their assignments. Please follow the proper link ("MWF" for Monday, Wednesday, Friday sections and "TTh" for Tuesday, Thursday sections) on the main page to view your assignments. Also, links to the solutions can be found next to the corresponding assignment.
9/23/01 - REVISED POLICY for Think and Think Again questions:
Think and Think Again (TTA) questions should be re-submitted with the homework that is assigned the day that you receive back your first response to the same question. In other words, if you turn in your first answer to a TTA question on Monday, it will be returned to you on Wednesday, and you should re-submit an answer on Friday.

This is to allow you to know whether or not your first answer was correct before re-thinking the problem. If there are any questions about this policy, please ask your TF or CA.
Math Question Center:
The Math Question Center has opened, beginning September 18, and will be open from 8pm - 10pm every Sunday through Thursday night. A regular schedule is being formulated and will be posted as soon as it is set.
Any student who would like to change her/his section should see Susan Milano in Science Center Room 308 and fill out a resectioning form. These forms will be dealt with expediently and you should receive notification of your section change shortly after submitting your form.

Please do not start attending a different section without being officially placed in that section.

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