FromRobin Gottlieb
SubjectMath 1b: supplement, pre-class assignment
DateSEP 30, 2004 04:56:58 P.M.


Dear Math 1b Folk:

Welcome to the course. I'll use this e-mail to clarify a few things I've gotten questions about.

We have a course website that contains all the informatiion for the course and each section has a section website that is used solely for the purpose of entering the pre-class reading question asking for the most confusing part of the reading assignment.

On the mainpage of the course website are announcements that are updated as the term progresses.

1. Homework is found on the homework page of the web.

2. Pre-class reading assignments: Go to the supplements page and click pre-class reading assignments for integration. Choose the MWF version or the TTH version, depending upon your section.

3. Supplementary Text - labelled G:XX is available from Harvard computers on the supplements page. The login is gottliebcalc and the password is fall04.

Integration I is chapter 27
Integration II is chapter 28
Integration III is chapter 29.

There is a Table of Contents for the supplement posted on the supplements page.

4. Pre-class content questions need NOT be typed into the computer. Just turn them in with your homework. They will be graded based on effort only.

5. The pre-class question about what was difficult needs to by typed into your section's website by 11:00 pm the night before class. If you don't have the URL for your section, e-mail your section leader or get it from one of your classmates.

6. Many people were confused by the system this first week. It won't be held against you!

Looking forward to a good semester,
Robin Gottlieb