FromMatthew Leingang
Subject[Mathematics 1b] Reading Assignments and Questions
DateSEP 29, 2005 10:40:08 P.M.


Dear Students,

There has been considerable confusion about the Reading Assignments and the questions associated with them, so I'm hoping to clarify the situation. After completiing your reading, go to the course web site and click on "Q&A Tool 2.0." There you will see a list of surveys to take; click on the one that corresponds to the reading you were assigned.

Quoting from the syllabus, "There will usually be two questions for each reading. One will be asking what you found most difficult in the reading. The other will be specific to the reading topic. Both will be graded mostly on effort.

"The purpose of these assignments is twofold: You will get an extra pass through the material so that by the time you sit down to do the homework you have seen it at least twice. Also, your section leader will read your responses before class and use it to prepare the section with your confusions in mind."

I want to emphasize that the questions are there to help us understand your questions in advance of the class we prepare. This means it's very important to do them on time.

With so many students students moving into the course in the first week, the accidental deletion of many students' answers this morning (my bad!), and other confusions resulting from software bugs, I've decided that the entire first week of reading assignments will count as a trial period. This means that the only the questions from Reading Assignment 4 and beyond will count towards the 5% of your final grade.

I hope this alleviates some of the concerns about the reading questions. We really do value your responses to them, as they help us understand our students more completely. Hopefully you will find it equally valuable as the term progresses.

Please let me know if you have other questions.

Matthew Leingang