From"Matthew Leingang"
Subject[Mathematics 1b] Questions about the final (and some other stuff)
DateJAN 12, 2006 09:38:49 A.M.


Dear Students,

There appears to be some concern about whether binomial series are "on" the final. Let me try to address the issue.

A binomial series is a special case of a Taylor series, and Taylor series are going to be on the test. So I reserve the right to ask a question about the Taylor series of a function such as (1+x)^3, even though that's a power of a binomial, as long as it's a question you could answer even if we hadn't covered Section 8.8.

You should read Section 8.8, but I won't ask you to remember things like that the binomial series for (1+x)^k converges to (1+x)^k when -1 < x < 1. And you won't have do lots of arithmetic to simplify the coefficients (k over n). And I wouldn't ask you to do anything as complicated as problem 16 in that section. But problems like 12 and 14(b) can be solved without uttering the words "binomial series," so they are relevant to the final.

I hope this clears up the confusion. And now a few more announcements:

* videos of Monday's and Wednesday's sessions are on the course web site now. Click "Lecture Videos" from the main page. For some reason, Monday's review session is dated January 9th, 2005, not 2006. Hopefully tonight's review will be there sometime tomorrow.

* several TF's and CA's have prepared review sheets and handouts. Make sure you visit the handouts section of the web site to get the latest.

* The deadline for evaluating this course is midnight tomorrow (the midnight between Friday and Saturday). If you haven't already, please evaluate the course online. You can do it through your my.harvard portal or simply visit this URL:

Please e-mail me if you have other questions. One last piece of advice: make sure you get a good night's sleep on Friday. Your brain will work much better if you sleep and study a little bit on Saturday morning. Please don't pull an all-nighter; you'll be wrecked all day long!

Good luck and see you Saturday if not sooner.

Matthew Leingang