Mathematics 1b

Calculus, Series, and Differential Equations

Fall 2005

Matthew P. Leingang and Angela G. Vierling-Claassen (fall term); Thomas W. Judson, Robin Gottlieb, and Robert M. Strain (spring term)

Meeting Time: Section I, M., W., F., at 9 (with sufficient enrollment); Section II, M., W., F., at 10; Section III, M., W., F., at 11; Section IV, M., W., F., at 12 (with sufficient enrollment); Section V: Tu., Th., 10-11:30; Section Vl, Tu., Th., 11:30-1, and a weekly problem section to be arranged. First meeting, spring: W., Feb 1, 8:30 am, Science Center A.
Exam Group: 1
Catalog Number: 1804

Speaking the language of modern mathematics requires fluency with the topics of this course: infinite series, integration, and differential equations. Model practical situations using integrals and differential equations. Learn how to represent interesting functions using series and find qualitative, numerical, and analytic ways of studying differential equations. Develop both conceptual understanding and the ability to apply it.
Source: Registrar
Instructor's Toolkit
Final Exam Preparations

Welcome back! Keep an eye on the Examinations page for information about the final exam.

New Handouts and Solutions

Some additional handouts on differential equations and series have been posted to the Handouts sections. Also, solutions to Midterm I are posted on the Exams page. Solutions to Midterm II are still in the works.

Final Exam Set

The final exam has been scheduled. It will take place on Saturday, January 14, at 2:15pm. Students with last names beginning with the letters A-L will take the exam in 2 Divinity Avenue, room 18. Those with last names beginning with the letters M-Z will take the exam in Science Center Hall D.