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The cork plug
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The cork plug

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We hope you all had fun with Problem 41 (it is one of the new problems in the book). The problem has been designed by Martin Gardner in 1961. Here are some links and suggestions by students.
ParametricPlot3D[ {Cos[t],(1-s) Sin[t],2s},{t,0,2Pi},{s,0,1},Boxed->False,Axes->False]
Wentin Cao, teaming up with Jennifer Zhu , who come up with a real paper model of the plug: "I have also figured out how to make the one that I had created with binder paper. Basically, a cone starting at (0,0,0) with tip at (0,0,2/Pi-2) and radius 1 is made. Then, the head is cut off so that the remaining portion is a circular frustum with height 1. Then, the smaller top circle is sealed so that the top side is just a line."

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