6760, Math 21a, Fall 2009
Mathematica Fall 2009
Selected Projects
Course head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Here are 80 submitted projects. There would have been more, but time did not allow me to include all. Putting together the gallery took longer than anticipated. Prerequisite had been of course that also an electronic version had been submitted. If you prefer your project to be removed, email me.
Frank Maldonado project is the best project with essay. The Daniel Kim Project was the best submitted project.

Alex Chivescu Code

Alex Libby Code

Andrew Bayeant Code

Andrew Cohen Code

Andrew Kennard Code

Andy Brody Code

Anika Petach Code

Annie Douglas Code

Annie Morgan Code

Arjun Nandkishore Code

Ashlee Adams Code

Audrey Young Code

Ben Guo Code

Bethania Baciagalupe Code

Binu Jayawardena Code

Burke Hall Code

Carl Daher Code

Celia Zhang Code

Christopher Devine Code

Clemence Hicks Code

Cyntia Tsai Code

Daniel Kim Code

Dario Sava Code

David Abarca Code

Dillon Plunkett Code

Evan Liang Code

Fedor Garin Code

Frankie Wong Code

Garret Morton Code

Gregory Davey Code

Hilary Roberts Code

Hui Li Code

Insup Lee Code

Irineo Cabreros Code

Jack Greenberg1 Code

Jack Greenberg2 Code

Jeremy Ying Code

Jesse Kaplan Code

Joanna Behrmann Code

Johanna Lee Code

Jose Santana Code

Kevin Liuhuang Code

Laila Kasuri Code

Lauren Feldman Code

Lilly Nottingham Code

Madelaine Boyd Code

Marlee Chong Code

Max Schulman Code

Michael Cowett Code

Michael Paretsky Code

Misha Herscu Code

Naor Brown Code

Nathan Kim Code

Nevin Raj Code

Nick Rogan Code

Nolan Pollack Code

Patrick Sndgrass Code

Phillip Yao Code

Pim Valantagul Code

Preya Shah Code

Raj Bhuptani Code

Ryan Neff Code

Sachin Patel Code

Sarah Choudhury Code

Seenak Hosravi Code

Seungsoo Kim Code

Shimwoo Lee Code

Shirley Zhou Code

Stewart Richardson Code

Talia Fox Code

Victor Mata Code

Wenting Cao Code

William Burke Code

Yalamanchi Code

Yan Che Code

Yasha Iravantchi Code

Ye Zhao Code

Yin Wei Code

Youn Sang Code

Yuanjian Luo Code
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