Lao Genevra Simons: Fabre and Mathematics

and other Essays, published by Scripta Mathematica, Yeshiva College, 1939, The Scripta Mathematica Library, Number Four.

This little booklet of Simons from 1939 provides some insight into the teaching of mathematics at the end of the eighteenth century, the influence of the French mathematicians. For the history of the teaching of mathematics at Harvard, see the page on Bowditch and Benjamin Peirce, a graduate of Harvard in 1829 and later professor at that college. Simons says about Benjamin Peirce: He was the first American mathematician. Turn to this page to read about Pierce as an author of algebra books. The short stories in colonial geometry are interesting and sometimes amusing. One can read about the duties of the teaching staff, some extracts of some theses or why so many books from the library disappeared.
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