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Exam Policy

Midterm exams are scheduled far in advance, and it is impossible to move the time or date. However, in rare cases where it is impossible for an individual to take the exam at the scheduled time, we will work with you to make other arrangements. Exceptions for taking the exam out of sequence are the following:
  1. A medical excuse. Please have your senior tutor or freshman dean contact us.
  2. A University sponsored event such as an athletic tournament, a play, or a musical performance. Your coach or director must contact us in advance. Athletic practices and rehearsals do not fall into this category.
  3. A religious holiday. Please send a short email explaining the situation.
  4. Extreme hardship such as a family emergency. Please have your senior tutor or freshman dean contact us.
  5. A class conflict. Please send us your complete schedule. Labs or a sections that can be rescheduled do not fall into this category.
The above are the only allowable excuses for taking the exam before the scheduled time. Under no circumstances do we give late exams. Since we can only accomodate a limited number of students taking the exam at an earlier time, please make sure that you fall into one of the above categories before you contact us. If you miss an exam due to illness or a family emergency, you will not be penalized. We will assign you a grade based on the rest of your coursework. If you have a conflict with the final exam, you must contact the Registrar. Only the Final Exams Office can schedule an out-of-sequence final exam.

December 18, 2005



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