Math 21a, Fall 2007
Exams page of Math 21a, Multivariable Calculus
Course head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434

Final exam

  • The mean of the final exam was 74/100 points.
  • The standard deviation was 10.1 points (also here exam grades normalized to 100)
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The final exam took place on Jan 17 at 2:15 PM in Science center C and D. The final exam schedule directed students with names A-L to Science Center C, and students with names M-Z go to Science Center D.
  • The first global review date was Thursday, Jan 10, at 2-3:30 PM in Hall C. It covered material until the second midterm.
  • The second global review date: Friday, Jan 11, at 2-3:30 PM in Hall C covered the rest of the material: integration and integral theorems
  • The final exam took place Thursday, Jan 17, at 2:15 PM in Halls C (A-L)and D (M-Z)

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The final exam in exam group 1 is a three-hour final exam administered by the Exams Office for all enrolled students. As such the exam is subject to the following criteria:
  • All students enrolled in the course are required without exception to attend the exam administered by the FAS Exams Office. Students not present at this exam will receive a grade of ABS for the course.
  • Instructors may not approve or administer a makeup exam to any student absent from the exam. Makeup exams may only be approved by the Administrative Board for undergraduates or the Deputy Registrar for graduate students, Special Students, or cross-registered students and will be administered by the FAS Exams Office during the scheduled makeup exam period.

Second hourly

  • The mean of the second exam was 80.1 points.
  • The standard deviation was 9.3 points.
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The second hourly took place Thursday, Nov 15, 2007, Hall A, E and SC 507 from 7-8:30 PM. Seating was Hall A: A-La, Hall E: Le-Wa, SC 507 We-Z.
Practice Exam I Practice Exam II Practice Exam III Practice Exam IV
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First hourly

  • The mean of the exam was 86 points.
  • The standard deviation 11.6 points.
  • Problem 8 turned out to be trickier than anticipated. After grading a few exams, we had the impression that nobody would get it. It turned out that a few people got through and eventually got extra credit (maximally 13 points).
The first hourly took place Wednesday, Oct 17. 2007, lecture hall A and D, 7-8:30 PM. Students with last name A-H took the exam in lecture hall A, Students with last name I-Z took the exam in lecture hall D. We had a global review session for the first hourly in Hall D, from 7-8:30 on Sunday 10/14/2007.
Official policy at Havard is that "out of sequence exams" are only offered for students observing religious holidays. We sometimes can accomodate students who happen to have an important sports event at the same time (it must be an actual game or tournament) or a concert or theater event (regular practice or rehearsals of course do not qualify to miss the exam) or a political election event (for which you are a major candidate). In case of a qualifying conflict, contact the course head to see whether it is possible to arrange the exam earlier at the same day. We will need a letter from your coach or director. The request has to come at least a week before the exam.
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