Office hour changes during reading period. Here are the changes. Otherwise, the default office hours stay
Erick has office hours Monday, 1:30-7 in the second floor, common area (Just November 3rd).
Yuwen has office hours 2-3pm Th (12/4)-Th(12/11) (weekdays only) in SC420.
Yong Suk has office hours Thu (12/11) 4-6 pm 
Jameel has office hours Mo 12:3-2pm Wed 4:30pm-6:00pm Thu 2:30-4pm in 429
Avery and Millie have office hours on Wednesday 12/10 3-5 in Quincy dining hall. 
Tish has office hours atMather Dhall Thursday, 8-10pm for last minute questions.
Section  Leader             Office email   room CA             CA email                  Office hours room
MWF9 Oliver Knill            432  knill    309 Michael Hwang   michaelhwang@college.    Sun 7-8 PM  SC 411
MWF9 Chao Li                 333a chaoli   B10 Dominique Voso  dvoso@college.           Tue 3-4 PM  SC 221
MWF10 Gijs Heuts             321g gheuts   309a Andrew Hess    andrewhess@college.      Mon 5-6 PM  SC 411
MWF10 Yu-Wen Hsu             420  yuwenhsu 216 Letitia Li      letitiali@college.       Sun 5-6 PM  SC 411
                              Thursday Nov 20 4-5 pm instead of 11:30-1 in SC229
MWF10 Yong Suk Moon          242f ysmoon1  112 George Torres   gtorres@college.         Fri 2-3 PM  SC 411
MWF11 Rosalie Belanger-Rioux 421h rbr      309 George Qi       georgeqi@college         Tue 9-10 PM SC 411
MWF11 Gijs Heuts             321g gheuts   309a Thomas Waite   thomaswaite@college.     Sun 9-10 PM SC 310  
MWF11 Siu-Cheong Lau         231  s.lau    110 Wayne Zhao      zhao01@college.          Mon 2-3 PM  SC 411
MWF12 Erick Knight           242c eknight  112 Millie Shi      millieshi@college.       MQC 
MWF12 Kate Penner            424  penner   309 Shaan Erickson  shaanerickson@college.   Sun 9-10 PM SC 411
TTH10 Peter Smillie          324e smillie  309 Christian Hallas christianhallas@college Tue 6-7 PM SC 411
TTH10 Jeff Kuan              426d jkuan    B10 George Zhang    gzhang01@college.        Mon 7-8 PM SC B10
TTH10 Yi Xie                 242d yixie    221 Austen Novis    anovis@college.          Thu 8-9 PM SC 411
TTH11 Jeff Kuan              426d jkuan    B10 Peter Zhou      peterzhou@college.       Wed 4-5 PM SC 411
TTH11 Jameel Al-Aidroos      429  jameel   309a Bryan Baek     seungkwanbaek@college.
                                           Nathaniel Ver Steeg nathanielversteeg. MQC
Head CA                                    Avery Dao      averydao@college.
GCF Chenglong Yu Grad# (333e) (857)998-3837 yucl   

Office hours

Erick:   Thursday 5-6, Tuesday 12-3, Thursday 1-6
Jameel Al-Aidroos             Wed 4:30-6
Chao Li                       Mon 4-5  Thu 4-5    
Erick Knight                  Sun 5-6, SC 229,   Thu 5-6  SC 242c
Gijs Heuts                    Tue 4-6, Thu 2-4            SC 321g 
Jeff Kuan                     Mon Wed 8:30-10:30  SC 426d
Kate Penner                   Tue 1:30-2:3, Thu 5:30-6:30  SC 229
Peter Smillie                 Sun 7:30-8:30, Wed 7:30-8:30
Siu-Cheong Lau                Tue 10-12  Thu 10-12 SC 231
Rosalie Belanger-Rioux        Tue 12-2, Thu 2-4    SC 229
Siu Cheong Lau                Tue Thur 10-12  SC 231
Yi Xie                        Mon Wed  4-5 PM SC 242d 
Yu-Wen Hsu                    Tue 3-4, Thu 11:30-1  SC 229
Yung Suk Moon                 Thu 4-5   Fri 3-4  SC 242f
Oliver Knill                  M-F 4-5             SC 432