From the Webcam:

"Taken on Halloween."
"Maybe it was just a dream". But the eyes seem real at night:
"But it has eyes!" Here is proof: Shot at noon December 30 (are these birds or dementors?):

And here a shot at noon December 31:

And here (GIF) is an animation of the last 17 days. See the leafs disappear on the tree.

November 11-12 update: one eye is lost

See second 3 in the following clip, where one eye gets lost. The second eye is still alive and lights up towards the end.
The following picture was taken with the great open source ray tracer Povray. Unlike other 3D programs (in the last 20 years many have appeared and disappeared), Povray is a good long term investment as the language will be around also in 20 years.
Small demos: Marble book (2006), Facebook spoof, Gears, Drilled solid, Science center (built 2001, Shooting the Dini surface onto the 21a logo (2001). L System 1999. It can even include video: Example written on November 23, 2005.