Harvard University,FAS
Fall 2004

Mathematics Math21b
Fall 2004

Linear Algebra
and Differential Equations

Course Head: Oliver knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Email: knill@math.harvard.edu
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Frequently asked questions

Send questions of potential general interest to maths21a@fas.harvard.edu.
Question: Who plays the background music? Answer: A Russian quartet with members Alexandre Kabatyuk (balaleyka), Andrey Brazevitch (accordion), Arseniiy Suhanov (flute), Petr Shaforostov (bass) play Bach, Dvorjack, Shalov, Monti, Brahms, Andersson and Backerini.
Question: The material covered in the last week was covered too fast. Is there a place, where I can read more about it. Answer: The material speeded over during the last 3 weeks could cover a course by itself. Focus on the homework, the material you have as well as the practice exams. If you want more practice, there are Schaum outlines for Differential equations, Fourier theory as well as Partial differential equations. You can look at those in Olivers office. But be warned that we only cover a small part of what is there and that the notation and generality in these books is different. We recommend that you focus on the things covered in the course. It is more than enough. If you want to read more on PDE's, there is a a handout which was used in the past. Again, it covers more material, then we had time to.
Question: When is the last homework due? Answer: The last homework will be assigned on Friday, December 17. This homework is due latest at 12 AM on December 21 in the mailbox of your CA.
Question: When do classes start and what book will we used? Answer: Check out the syllabus page. The first lesson starts on Monday, 27. October, 2004. Note that we use the third edition of Bretschers book. The ISBN is 0-13-145334-3.
Question: Are starred, "recommended" problems meant to be optional enrichment exercises or exercises to be turned in with the assignment? I was planning on doing them on my own, but not turning them in with the assignment. Answer: Recommended problems don't have to be turned in and CA's don't have to grade them. We plan to post solutions to the recommended problems and recommend to solve those problems if time permits. Otherwise, focus on the main problems. Don't feel pressured to do them. You can get perfect scores without doing them. You can use them also as practice problems for the exams.

Please send comments to knill@math.harvard.edu

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