21 B
Mathematics Math21b Spring 2009
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Exhibit: Linear algebra: Sarrus Rule anagrams for determinant
Course Head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434

In order to illustrate Sarrus rule, one can try to find a nice memnonic formula to compute the determinant:
A={{a,e,s},{b,o,d},{u,i,m}}; S=Flatten[A];
f[R_]:=Partition[R,3]; U=Permutations[S]; V=Map[f,U];
Do[Print[U[[k]],"   ",Det[V[[k]]]],{k,Length[V]}]
Song MiaDeu by Oliver Knill, made with Garageband on a Yamaha Piano (all musical instruments were played by the Piano, voice recorded by laptop mic). Picture credit: this source. download MP3>
Here is one:
    | a e s |
    | o i u |
    | d t m |
  m i a  + d e u  +  s o t  -t u a  -d i s - e m o
which sounds rather medieval.

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