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Mathematics Math21b Spring 2009
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Course Head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434
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Question:What are "Kyle numbers"? Answer: The book (and especially the solution book) mentions Kyle numbers. They are a short cut to compute the kernel, especially for 2 times 2 matrices. If a 2 x 2 matrix is not invertible, the two columns have to be parallel. For
  A =   | 2   -4 | 
        | 4   -8 |
for example, we see that the second column is -2 times the first column. The Kyle numbers are 1, 2 because adding the first to 2 times the second column gives zero. So that [1,-2]^T is in the kernel. Its better to stick to row reduction to compute the kernel since it is easy (especially for larger matrices) to get only part of the kernel.
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