21 B
Mathematics Math21b Spring 2016
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Course Head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 432
  • Homework is always due the next class. Exceptions happen around midterms.
  • The Tue/Thu section has the same homework but split at a different place.
  • Homework is due at the beginning of class. We have a strict no late HW policy. You have 3 jokers: this means that we delete the least 3 HW scores.
  • Collaborations and discussions with class mates, TFs and CS's are welcome however, you must write down each home work on your own.
  • Checking work with a computer algebra system is alowed. We encourage exclusively to work on paper as during exams, no electronic tools are available and writing things down enhances the learning process. If you use help from a computer algebra system for the computation, acknowledge that in the paper.
  • Use words to explain your work, if necessary. Show your work. Give details of your work. Unless stated, answers only will be given no credit.
  • Homework is graded on a 10 points scale. There are 5 problems per day, 50 points maximal per day and 150 points maximal a week.
Homework rule: We have a strict no late homework policy. Homework is due in class. In case of illness (bring documentation from the Harvard University health service) we will average with less HW sets in this case. In case of non-documented illness, or forgotten homework, a jokers is invoked. Please do not ask for homework extension.
Lecture Number Assignment Due Solutions
lecture 1 hw01.pdf Due: Mon 2/1/2016 rsp. Tue 2/2/2016 hw01_sol.pdf
lecture 2 hw02.pdf Due: Wed 2/3/2016 rsp. Thu 2/4/2016 hw02_sol.pdf
lecture 3 hw03.pdf Due: Fri 2/5/2016 rsp. Tue 2/9/2016 hw03_sol.pdf
lecture 4 hw04.pdf Due: Mon 2/8/2016 rsp. Tue 2/9/2016 hw04_sol.pdf
lecture 5 hw05.pdf Due: Wed 2/10/2016 rsp. Thu 2/11/2016 hw05_sol.pdf
lecture 6 hw06.pdf Due: Fri 2/12/2016 rsp. Tue 2/16/2016 hw06_sol.pdf
lecture 7 hw07.pdf Due: Wed 2/17/2016 rsp. Tue 2/16/2016 hw07_sol.pdf
lecture 8 hw08.pdf Due: Fri 2/19/2016 rsp. Thu 2/18/2016 hw08_sol.pdf
lecture 9 hw09.pdf Due: Mon 2/22/2016 rsp. Tue 2/23/2016 hw09_sol.pdf
lecture 10 hw10.pdf Due: Wed 2/24/2016 rsp. Thu 2/25/2016 hw10_sol.pdf
lecture 11 hw11.pdf Due: Fri 2/26/2016 rsp. Tue 3/01/2016 hw11_sol.pdf
lecture 12 hw12.pdf Due: Mon 3/29/2016 rsp. Tue 3/01/2016 hw12_sol.pdf
lecture 13 hw13.pdf Due: Fri 3/4/2016 rsp Tue 3/8/2016 hw13_sol.pdf
lecture 14 hw14.pdf Due: Mon 3/7/2016 rsp Tue 3/8/2016 hw14_sol.pdf
lecture 15 hw15.pdf Due: Wed 3/9/2016 rsp Thu 3/10/2016 hw15_sol.pdf
lecture 16 hw16.pdf Due: Fri 3/11/2016 rsp Tue 3/22/2016 hw16_sol.pdf
lecture 17 hw17.pdf Due: Mon 3/21/2016 rsp Tue 3/22/2016 hw17_sol.pdf
lecture 18 hw18.pdf Due: Wed 3/23/2016 rsp Thu 3/24/2016 hw18_sol.pdf
lecture 19 hw19.pdf Due: Fri 3/25/2016 rsp Tue 3/29/2016 hw19_sol.pdf
lecture 20 hw20.pdf Due: Mon 3/28/2016 rsp Tue 3/29/2016 hw20_sol.pdf
lecture 21 hw21.pdf Due: Wed 3/30/2016 rsp Thu 3/31/2016 hw21_sol.pdf
lecture 22 hw22.pdf Due: Fri 4/1/2016 rsp Tue 4/5/2016 hw22_sol.pdf
lecture 23 hw23.pdf Due: Mon 4/4/2016 rsp Tue 4/5/2016 hw23_sol.pdf
lecture 24 hw24.pdf Due: Fri 4/8/2016 rsp Tue 4/12/2016 hw24_sol.pdf
lecture 25 hw25.pdf Due: Mon 4/11/2016 rsp Tue 4/12/2016 hw25_sol.pdf
lecture 26 hw26.pdf Due: Wed 4/13/2016 rsp Thu 4/14/2016 hw26_sol.pdf
lecture 27 hw27.pdf Due: Fri 4/15/2016 rsp Tue 4/19/2016 hw27_sol.pdf
lecture 28 hw28.pdf Due: Mon 4/18/2016 rsp Tue 4/19/2016 hw28_sol.pdf
lecture 29 hw29.pdf Due: Wed 4/20/2016 rsp Thu 4/21/2016 hw29_sol.pdf
lecture 30 hw30.pdf Due: Fri 4/22/2016 rsp Tue 4/26/2016 hw30_sol.pdf
lecture 31 hw31.pdf Due: Wed 4/27/2016 rsp Tue 4/26/2016 hw31_sol.pdf
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