Math1b, Spring 2004, Introduction to Functions and Calculus II
Harvard University,FAS
Spring 2004

Mathematics Math1b
Spring 2004

Introduction to Functions and Calculus II
and Differential equations

Course Head: Robin Gottlieb

Office: SciCtr 429
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More details can be found in the syllabus (PDF) page.

All section changes necessary from February 2 on will be done by Susan Milano in the Calculus Office, SC 308.
Sectioning. All those expecting to take the course need to section by noon on Thursday, January 30th.
From any Harvard computer, ssh to
Follow the online instructions. If there is a problem with your section assignment, contact Susan Milano in Sci Ctr 308.

We use Stewart's Calculus: Concepts and Contexts, Brooks/Cole 2001. This text is available at the Harvard Coop. There will be supplementary material available on the web.

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