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Spring 2000

Mathematics 1a
Spring 2000

Introduction to Calculus

Course Head
Robert Winters
Office:  SciCtr 435
Telephone:  495-4744

The Final Exam will be given on Tuesday, May 23 at 2:15pm in Emerson 305.

Review Problems for the Final Exam (includes Fall 1999 Final Exam and other previous Final Exam questions.)
Solutions to Review Problems (10 pages, 452kb PDF file)
Solutions to Fall 1999 Final Exam

Sample Numerical Integration Programs for the TI-81 and TI-85 Calculators
(Small error corrected 5/1/00. Programs adaptable to other calculators.)
Collection of  numerical integration programs for various calculators.

The Second Midterm Exam took place on Tuesday, Apr 11.
Exam 2 Review Problems (includes Exam 2 from Fall 99 and solutions)
Solutions to Exam 2 Additional Review Problems
The second midterm exam and solutions will be posted late in Reading Period.
The First Midterm Exam was on Monday, March 6.
Exam 1 Practice Problems
Solutions to Exam 1 Practice Problems (from Fall 99)
Solutions to Exam 1 - Fall 99 [The problem numbers are different.]

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Course Syllabus for Spring 2000

Homework Assignments and solutions

Sections, office hours, and problem sessions
Math Question Center

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