Harvard University,FAS
Fall 2001

Mathematics 1b
Fall 2001

Calculus, Series
and differential equations

Course Head: Robin Gottlieb

Office: SciCtr 429
Email: gottlieb@math

Head CA: Jonathan Yang
Email: jyang@fas
Math1b applied: a Biological system
First Midterm Announcements

10/24/01 - First Exam Solutions
Congratulations on finishing the first midterm exam! For your reference, here are the solutions. The median score was a 75.
10/14/01 - Exam Locations:
Our first midterm exam will be this Tuesday, October 16, from 7pm - 9pm sharp. Students in Tuesday/Thursday sections should take the exam in Jefferson 250, while students in Monday/Wednesday/Friday sections should go to Science Center C.
10/14/01 - Additional Practice Exams:
My links to these two additional practice exams seem to have been too hard to find, so sorry to anyone who had been looking for them earlier. Here are the Spring 1999 and Fall 1998 first midterm exams, as well as the solutions to both: Spring '99 solutions      Fall '98 solutions
Note: Correction on Fall 1998, question 2(a) - answer should read "...series converges only for x=3"
10/12/01 - Question Session:
On Monday night, October 15th, there will be a bunch of Math 1b CAs at the MQC in Loker (from 8 - 10) ready to answer last-minute questions. The math question center is being heavily staffed by 1b CAs on Monday night due to our Tuesday night exam. If you prefer to have your questions answered (and to listen to other people's questions answered) en masse, one of the 1b Course Assistants, Richard Rivero, will be in SC A answering questions from 7 - 9 pm. This is not a review session, simply an alternative format for question answering.
10/11/01 - Review Session for First Exam:
There will be a review session for the first exam this Sunday, October 14, in Science Center C from 7pm until 9pm. Please bring any questions regarding homework, practice exams, or topics in general. The first 1 1/2 hours will be spent reviewing topics using examples, after which the floor will be opened to questions or requests for further discussion of particular topics.
10/06/01 - Review Materials:
To help you prepare for the first exam, here are two packets of review notes covering the course thus far, Part I and Part II. Also, as a practice exam, here is the first exam from 1999. The answer key is here.
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