Math 21a, Fall 2008
Calendar page of Math 21a, Multivariable Calculus
Course head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434
   Event                              2007-2008    2008-2009*      2009-2010*
Holiday - Labor Day                   Sept. 3(M)   Sept. 1(M)      Sept. 7(M)
Freshman Registration                 Sept. 10(M)  Sept. 9(Tu)     Sept. 1(Tu)
GSAS Registration                     Sept. 12(W)  Sept. 10(W)     Aug. 31(M)
Upperclass Registration               Sept. 14(F)  Sept. 12(F)     Sept. 1(Tu)
First Day Fall Classes                Sept. 17(M)  Sept. 15(M)     Sept. 2(W)
Study Card Day - All but Freshman     Sept. 21(F)  Sept. 19(F)     Sept. 10(Th)
Freshman Study Card Day               Sept. 24(M)  Sept. 22(M)     Sept. 11(F)
Holiday - Columbus Day                Oct. 8(M)    Oct. 13(M)      Oct. 12(M)
Holiday - Veterans' Day               Nov. 12(M)   Nov. 11(Tu)     Nov. 11(W)
Thanksgiving Recess Begins            Nov. 22(Th)  Nov. 27(Th)     Nov. 26(Th)
Thanksgiving Recess Ends              Nov. 25(Su)  Nov. 30(Su)     Nov. 29(Su)
Last Day of Fall Term Classes         Dec. 18(Tu)  Dec. 16(Tu)     Dec. 3(Th)
First Day of Winter Recess            Dec. 19(W)   Dec. 17(W)      Dec. 22(Tu)
Last Day of Winter Recess             Jan. 1(Tu)   Jan. 1(Th)      Jan. 24(Su)
Fall Reading Period Begins            Jan. 2(W)    Jan. 2(F)       Dec. 4(F)
Fall Reading Period Ends              Jan. 13(Su)  Jan. 12(M)      Dec. 11(F)
Holiday - Martin Luther King Day      Jan. 21(M)   Jan. 19(M)      Jan. 18(M)
Fall Term Final Examinations Begin    Jan. 14 (M   Jan. 13(Tu)     Dec. 12(Sa)
Fall Term Final Examinations End      Jan. 23(W)   Jan. 22(Th)     Dec. 21(M)
First Day Spring Classes/Registration Jan. 30(W)   Jan. 28(W)      Jan. 25(M)
Study Card Day                        Feb. 6(W)    Feb. 4(W)       Jan. 29(F)
Holiday - Presidents' Day             Feb. 18(M)   Feb. 16(M)      Feb. 15(M)
Spring Recess Begins                  Mar. 22(Sa)  Mar. 21(Sa)     Mar. 13(Sa)
Spring Recess Ends                    Mar. 30(Su)  Mar. 29(Su)     Mar. 21(Su)
Spring Reading Period Begins          May 3(Sa)    May 2(Sa)       Apr. 29(Th)
Spring Reading Period Ends            May 14(W)    May 13(W)       May 6(Th)
Spring Term Final Examinations Begin  May 15(Th)   May 14(Th)      May 7(F)
Spring Term Final Examinations End    May 23(F)    May 22 (F)      May 15(Sa)
Holiday - Memorial Day                May 26(M)    May 25(M)       May 31(M)
COMMENCEMENT                          June 5(Th)   June 4(Th)      May 27(Th)
Summer School Begins                  June 23(M)   June 22(M)      TBD
Summer School Ends                    Aug. 15(F)   Aug. 7(F)       TBD
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