Math 21a, Fall 2008
Sections Math 21a, Multivariable calculus
Section information
Course head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434

Office hours

Office hours during reading period:

Ivana Bozic     Thursday, Friday and Monday 11-12 
Ana Caraiani    Friday 11am to 12 pm and Monday 3-5 pm
Ming-Tao Chuan: Mon 5th 2-4 PM, Wed 7th 2-4 PM, Fri 9, 3-5 PM, Sun 11, 2-5, 7-10 PM, Mon 12th 2-5,7-10 PM
Peter Garfield: Mon 5: 1-2:30 PM,Wed: 10:30-12,1:30-5:00 
                Thu:10:30-12:00,1:30-3:30 Fri:10:30-12:00,3:30-5:00 Mon 1/12: 10-12, 1:30-5:00
Michael Diodato: Mon, 1/12, at 11AM-12PM in Greenhouse Cafe
Toby Gee :      Fri 9th 12pm-1pm,  Mon 12th 10am-11am.
Oliver Knill:   Mon-Wed 5-7, 4pm-5pm, Mon 12th, 4pm-5pm 
Trevor Petach   Thursday 8-9:30 PM SC 101B.
Valentino Tosatti:  Wed Jan 7th 3-5pm, Fri Jan 9th 10-12pm, Mon Jan 12th 2-4pm 
Chung-Jun Tsai: Tue 6th, 7:30-9:30PM Wed 7th, 2-4PM Thu 8th, 7:30-9:30PM Fri 9th, 2-4PM
                Sun 11th, 2-4PM, 7:30-9:30PM Mon 12th, 2-4PM, 7:30-9:30PM.

Course Lectures

Time   Section           office email (*) class  CA              CA email (**)
MWF 9     Chung-Jun Tsai    (321d) cjtsai   SC 109  Michael Diodato mdiodato
MWF 10    Ivana Bozic       (321e) ibozic   SC 309a Cindy Wang      xinwang
MWF 10    Peter Garfield    (422)  garfield SC 507  Onur Alper      oalper
MWF 10    Oliver Knill      (434)  knill    SC 222  Allen Yang      yang3
MWF 11    Peter Garfield    (422)  garfield SC 507  Chelsea Zhang   zhang32 -|
MWF 11    Peter Garfield    (422)  garfield SC 507  Brent Ho        bho     _|
MWF 11    Stefan Hornet     (431f) shornet  SC 112  Anna Wagner     awagner
MWF 12    Aleksander Subotic(583)  asubotic SC 309  Nathan Strauss  strauss
TTH 10    Ana Caraiani      (425)  caraiani SC 112  Gerardo Flores  gflores
TTH 10    Toby Gee          (525)  tgee     SC 110  Dan Mark        dmark
TTH 10    Valentino Tosatti (421a) tosatti  SC 309a Kevin Leu       kleu
TTH 11:30 Ming-Tao Chuan    (321b) mtchuan  SC 221  Trevor Petach   petach
TTH 11:30 Valentino Tosatti (421a) tosatti  SC 309a Jason Chen      jchen   -|
TTH 11:30 Valentino Tosatti (421a) tosatti  SC 309a Jenny Wang      wang24  _|
Head CA:   Ruwan Gunaratne                                          gunaratn
            (*)                     (**)

Office hours

Chung-Jun Tsai      Tu Th 19:30-20:30 
Ivana Bozic         Mo Th 18:00-19:00
Peter Garfield      Mo    14:30-15:30   Tue 13:30-14:30
Oliver Knill        Tu Th 16:00-17:00 
Stefan Hornet       Fr    12:00-13:00 
Aleksander Subotic  Th Fr 17:00-18:00 
Ana Caraiani        We    19:00-20:00   Th  18:00-19:00
Toby Gee            We    14:00-15:00   Th  13:30-14:30 
Ming-Tao Chuan      Mo We 19:00-20:00 
Valentino Tosatti   Mo    17:00-18:00   We  16:00-17:00

Problem sessions

Chelsea Zhang  Sun  7pm-8pm  SC221
Allen Yang     Mon  4pm-5pm  SC310
Trevor Petach  Mon  8pm-9pm  SC310 (*)
Anna Wagner    Tue  3pm-4pm  SC411
Nathan Strauss Tue  6pm-7pm  SC101b
Cindy Wang     Tue  7pm-8pm  SC411
Jenny Wang     Tue  7pm-8pm  SC310
Gerardo Flores Tue  8pm-9pm  SC103b
Mike Diodato   Tue  9pm-10pm SC411
Brent Ho       Wed  3pm-4pm  SC116
Kevin Leu      Wed  5pm-6pm  SC116
Dan Mark       Wed  6pm-7pm  SC116
Jason Chen     Wed  7pm-8pm  SC101b
Onur Alper     Thu  7pm-8pm  SC103b
(*) (7-8pm Monday Sept 29 in SC101B)
Aleks Subotic Allen Yang Ana Caraiani Anna Wagner Brent Ho
Chelsea Zhang Chung-Jun Tsai Cindy Wang Daniel Mark Gerardo Flores
Ivana Bozic Jason Chen Jenny Wang Kevin Leu Michael Diodato
Ming-Tao Chuan Nathan Strauss Oliver Knill Onur Alper Peter Garfield
Ruwn Gunaratne Stefan Hornet Toby Gee Trevor Petach Valentino Tosatti
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