Math 21a, Fall 2008
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Multivariable Rap by Michael Shen
Course head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434

Multivariable calculus Rap

by Michael Shen, class of 2012

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This is M Shen, multivariable calc math 21a 2009

You already know how we do it homeboy

It's H-Town (Three-hour finals are long)

It's H-Town (and we don't ever give up)

apologies to lil' jon, young bloodz, oliver knill, but let me tell ya like dis here
they callin' me to come back to the streets, Science Center C aka SCC 
Said it was necessary, these integrals out here very scary
They come from the hole they livin' in the month of January
OK Knill put "evaluate" on display then

I'ma have to talk line integrals a gin
Are they conservative, republican 
fundamental theorem part II, you betta know what I'm sayin'
Man I'm fo sho wit it, don't tell me it's not conservative
and not closed is it? and I ain't selfish I will integrate the rock wit it
won't catch me gratin' on no closed, you got Green's theorem
Qx less Py dA yes and, `gratin' the region formal 
if that difference equal one, den the area's all done yo
Stokes integrate curl F and  dot with the normal
double integrate  the open region with yo S so yeah

[chorus: Lil' Jon]

If you just need the line, we just need the flux

Don't panic son, maybe a theorem; you're done

I post up get to it, tool in my hand
They call me Mr. Gauss cuz, that's my right hand man
it's 3D, surface integrals are flux definition 
eFF dot normal,  better check orientation
Don't be Old school foolish like Yale - indeeded
some "times with flux integrals", theorems are needed
You still got Stokes, applies to function's curled
If it ain't mang, den give divergence a whirl
on the test you gone see it when it hits this number
triple integrate that thang fo I steal yo thunder
closed surface, divergence, theorem's on call
Just dial 1-800-430 do it all
And dawg I'm not the one that you really just wanna clown
I'm cool but still study, gotta get this stuff down.
Integrate them haters I make problems a fool
Just like Harvard v. Yale, you know that's how we do

[chorus: Lil' Jon]

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