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Mathematics Math21b Spring 2017
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Exhibit: Pascal Matrices
Course Head: Oliver Knill
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Poem samples

It had been a great pleasure to look over 300 poems. Some went to great length and wrote new Poem generators. Garrett Tanzer took Poems, wrote a Discrete Markov Process which used the already written poems to write a new one. Here is a sample generated by Garretts code:

The wide world is wretched.
Speak thy dwelling-place.  
Young winter by itself.
The fluttering storm is heaven's hill
Forgotten for his own element. 
They brought her dreams.  
In merriment upon the palmy beach
Sing prison guards at dawn. 
And watched the huddled and dolls 
And like ivy over the dawn.  
Trembling with surprise. In air.  
The sill of the day the present  
Moved in us, hatching marrow.

Here is one of the Poem submissions which were edited by the student:

Camille Bean

A silk flag floated gently
In a kingdom overturned.
Sweet sadness on the breeze
As she sailed away.

Her song stayed on the wind,
A dove dancing over mountains
Crying into the nothingness,
The embers of a long-gone flame

Leaping, dancing still
A shout into the night
A glove wiping the tears
The wings lifting again."

Camille took a random computer generated poem and adapted it skillfully to a master piece.

Here is an other example (also post processed by the student):

Jorma Goerns

He rose passionately
To tackle today's PSET
But then he thought eventually
"Oh, I should have stayed in bed!"

A golden sun was shining
His motivation dying
This function's Fourier series
Remained oh so mysterious!

A deafening cry: Eureka!
Am I not a genius?
He opened Mathematica
And found the Fourier series.

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