21 B
Mathematics Math21b Spring 2017
Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
Course Head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 432

Office hours

By default, office hours over reading period. Changes are indicated:
Akhil       SC 229 Wed 1-2pm Fri 3-4pm
Brendan     SC 209 Mon 4-5pm Wed 4-5pm
Ian:        SC 229 Tue 12-2pm 
Krishanu    SC 229 Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri 11-12 
Rosalie:    SC 230 Wed 2-3 Thu 12-1PM, Fri 10-11AM, Mon Noon-1 PM 
Oliver:     SC 432 Mon-Fri 3-5pm (except Thu 5/5, where 5-6) 
Will:       SC 238 Wed 4-5pm, Tue 3-4 pm, Tue 5/2 and Thu 5/4 from 10-12, 
Changho     SC 229 Mon 3-4, Wed 3-4 PM, Thu 4-5, Fri 3-4
Stephen     SC 229 Wed and Thu 11-12:30
Hunter      SC 229 Mon Wed 1-2 PM, May 5: 12-3pm 
Zengwei     Jefferson 352   3-4  Mon and Thu
Can         SC 229  Mon Wed  10-11 AM


@m is, @c is fas abbreviates
MWF 9 Oliver Knill   knill@m         SC 309 Naomi Wharton nwharton@c
MWF 10 Akhil Mathew  amathew@m       SC 309a Mick Kajornrattana ckajornrattana@c 
MWF 10 Ian Shipman ics@m             SC 222 Andrew Jing andrewjing@c                    
MWF 11 Rosalie Belanger-Rioux rbr@m  SC 309 Anthony Thumpasery athumpasery@c
                                             Pradeep Niroula pniroula@c
MWF 11 Stephen Hermes   shermes@m            SC 221 Russell Pekala russellpekala@c
MWF 11 Can Kozcaz       kozcaz@cmsa.fas      SC 104 Emily Saunders esaunders@c
MWF 11 Zhengwei Liu   zhengweiliu@fas        SC 112 Min Kim Minkyokim@c
MWF 12 Stephen Hermes  shermes@m             SC 309 Alexander Jin ajin01@c
MWF 12 Hunter Spink    hspink@m              SC 221 Kyle Sargent kylesargent@c
TTH 10 Will Boney      wboney@m              SC 309 Mauricio Ruiz mauricioruiz@c 
TTH 10 Changho Han     chhan@m               SC 222 Thomas Culp culp@c
TTH 11:30 Brendan McLellan mclellan@m        SC 221 Amanda Chen amandachen@c
TTH 11:30 Krishanu Sankar  ksankar@m         SC 309a Thomas Skinner skinner@c

Head CA: Susan Wang swang01@c
Problem sessions and office hours are open to all. We will post as they are set.

Andrew Jing         andrewjing@c   Sunday 3-4 PM         SC 222 
Amanda Chen         amandachen@c   Thursday 6-7          SC 216
Thomas Culp         culp@@c        Thursday 7-8 PM       SC 222
Min Kim             minkyokim@c    Friday 3-4 PM         SC 222
Tom Skinner         skinner@c          Monday 4-5 PM     SC 222
Tony Thumpasery     athumpasery@c      Monday 7-8 PM     SC 222
Naomi Wharton       nwharton@c         Tuesdays, 4:00-5:00 pm, SC 222
Russel Pekala       russellpekala@c    Sunday 5-6        SC 222
Emily Saunders      esaunders@c        Wednesday 4-5     SC 411

Please send questions and comments to
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