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Fall 2006

Mathematics Math21a
Fall 2006

Multivariable Calculus

Course Head: Oliver Knill
Office: SciCtr 434
Email: knill@math.harvard.edu
Harvard Mathematics

Weekly checklists: "Somewhere, over the rainbow ..."
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Oliver Knill: Office hours: Mon 3:30-3:30 and after reviews on Wed, Thu and Fri
Chen-Yu Chi:  Office hours: Jan 15-19, 10:30-11:30am, 8:30-9:30pm 
Ilia Zharkov: Office hours Jan 21 6-8pm
Jay Pottharst: Office hours Jan 10: Wednesday 2pm-,  Jan 11 Thursday noon-

Arrange office hours directly with the other section leaders. 

Albert Chen

Charlotte Eccles

Chen-Yu Chi

David Harvey

Diana Lu

Emil Pitkin

Gerald Sacks

Hannah Chung

Ilia Zharkov

Janet Chen

Jay Pottharst

John Cobb
SectionsYou can go to office hours of any of the section leaders
time    section leader    office hours  email     room              ca               ca  email 
MWF 9   Chen-Yu Chi       MW 7-8, Th  5-6          cychi    SC 222  Lisa Choe        lchoe@fas
MWF 10  Janet Chen        Mo 1-2  Th  1:30-2:30    jjchen   SC 110  Tong Zhang       zhang4@fas
MWF 10  Sug Woo Shin      Mo 11-12 Th 3-4          swshin   SC 310  Charlotte Eccles eccles@fas
MWF 10  Jay Pottharst     We Th 1-2                jay      SC 309a Quang Duong      qduong@fas
MWF 11  Oliver Knill      MW 3:30-4:30             knill    SC 309  Diana Lu         dianalu@fas
                                                                    Albert Chen      tachen@fas
MWF 11  Kai Wen Lan       M 1:30-2:30 Th 2:30-3:30 lan      SC 222  John Cobb        johncobb@fas
MWF 12  Valentino Tosatti TuTh 5:30-6:30           tosatti  SC 309a Marcus Miller    mgmiller@fas
TTH 10  Gerald Sacks                               sacks    SC 216  Michelle Li      ymli@fas
TTH 10  Ilia Zharkov      Mo 4-5 We 11-12          zharkov  SC 109  Norman Yao       nyao@fas
TTH 11  David Harvey      We 11 Th 3:00            dmharvey SC 507  Kevin Carde      kcarde@fas
TTH 11  Ilia Zharkov      Mo 4-5 We 11-12          zharkov  SC 109  Emil Pitkin      pitkin@fas

Calculus Coach:   Stefan Hornet   shornet@fas
Head CA           Hannah Chung    hchung@fas
Problem sessionsYou can go to any of the problem sessions
room           day time       session leader 
Sci 116        Mon 8 PM       Tony Zhang
Sci 101B       Thu 4 PM       Stefan Hornet
Sci 110        Tue 5 PM       John Cobb
Sci 103b       Tue 7:30 PM    Charlotte Eccles
Sci 101b       Mon 4:30 PM    Emil Pitkin 
Lowell Coolidge Room   Thu 3:30 PM    Michelle Li
Sci 101b       Thu 6:30 PM    Quang Duong
Sci 109        Fri 3 PM       Marcus Miller
Sci 216        Fri 3 PM       Diana Lu 
Sci 116        Fri 7 PM       Kevin Carde
Sci 221        Sun 8:30 PM    Norman Yao   
Sci 112        Sun 5 PM       Lisa Choe

Kai-Wen Lan

Kevin Karde

Lisa Choe

Michelle Li

Norman Yao

Oliver Knill

Quang Duong

Stefan Hornet

Sug Woo Shin

Tony Zhang

Valentino Tosatti

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